Zerochol customer reviews.

Zerochol Reviews

Some of the feedback from our customers.

Lower My Cholesterol

“I found Zerochol really helped to lower my cholesterol. It was 6.40 at the start and is 5.01 two months later. The programme was good, as although I knew some things before I’m really informed now. I highly recommend it.”

Pat, Dublin

Complete Health Change

“A complete health change; I found the programme very informative. The daily updates were encouraging. I have introduced more fruit and vegetables, nuts and berries, and a lot more fish in my diet. My cholesterol has reduced from 6.6 to 5.2.”

Christine, Laois

Lower Cholesterol

“I started using Zerochol last year as my bloods showed up cholesterol concerns. The doctor recommended Zerochol as a proven treatment to help lower cholesterol naturally. I work in Lloyds Pharmacy in Thurles and have an interest in vitamins and decided to sign up for the Zerochol programme to not only help myself but to be able to advise customers on the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyle. The programme covers everything and increased my awareness of the food i was putting into my system. I continue to use two Zerochol every day with a healthier diet. Thank you so much for the programme. I’ve shared it with our customers when they buy Zerochol.”

Mary, Thurles

Fantastic Product

“I am delighted with my results. In two months, I have reduced my cholesterol from 7.3 to 5.3 by taking Zerochol daily. Fantastic product.”

Gloria, Tipperary

Zerochol Programme

“I followed the Zerochol programme for 3 months and successfully reduced my cholesterol from 6.7 to 5.2. I learned a lot by following the programme and definitely improved my eating habits. I will continue to take Zerochol daily with my meal and hopefully continue to achieve good results.”

Michael, Galway

Recommend Program

“I would highly recommend the Zerochol Program, having reduced my cholesterol from 6.6 to 4.7. I’m amazed and absolutely delighted with this three month result. The daily e-mail from the Zerochol team was very informative and kept me on my toes! I’m also taking Eskimo oil daily, which I like in liquid form, and works nicely in keeping those joints and brain active.”

Grainne, Galway

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