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Zerochol is part of PPC Ireland.

Plant Sterols

Zerochol contains plant sterols, scientifically proven to lower LDL bad cholesterol.


High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease. Zerochol is a natural way to lower cholesterol levels.


Zerochol is a 100% natural food supplement. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Zerochol is part of PPC (Galway) Limited. For over 30 years, it is family business based in Galway supplying premium food supplements to healthcare practitioners, health stores and pharmacies in Ireland.

PPC Galway

The Zerochol brand is part of PPC (Galway) Limited.

PPC (Galway) Limited is a Galway based company in the West of Ireland for over 30 years. Founded in 1992, the family business was set up by Pat Curran and Phil Curran. The company is now managed by the second generation of Olive Curran and her husband Michael Donnellan.

Pat Curran trained as an acupuncturist. However, with his love of health and customer service, Pat and Phil created PPC to supply premium natural healthcare products to healthcare practitioners and their patients. From the start, honesty, integrity and an absolute commitment to quality products and first-class customer service guided the business ethos. A brilliant team was  built with many loyal staff still remaining with the company many decades later. These core values are still central to PPC (Galway) Ltd operations and growth today.


Zerochol was created by Innoceutics in Belgium. It has been supplied to the Irish market via health food stores and pharmacies for more than 10 years.

Zerochol is a 100% natural food supplement containing plant sterols. These are clinically proven to lower cholesterol. When taken regularly at high doses, plant sterols can block normal cholesterol being absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, it helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Keeping your cholesterol levels at a normal level will reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease. New research confirms that 1.6 g (2 tablets) Zerochol plant sterols can lower cholesterol by 17% in 3 months, without any side effects.

Our Brands

PPC other brands are Eskimo-3 and Zincuflex.

In PPC (Galway) Ltd, we understand that looking after your heart is of utmost importance, so often we recommend combining Zerochol and with Eskimo-3 for a healthier heart.


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