10 Ways to Improve Your Diet

Tips for a healthier diet.

Improve Diet

10 Tips for a Healthier Diet

Follow these tips to get you on the right track!

1. Eat your Veggies

You cannot eat enough vegetables. You should have them breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tomatoes, green leaves such as spinach, rocket, broccoli, peppers are all super vegetables for good health.


2. Eat and Drink Dairy in Moderation

Enjoy moderate amounts of dairy. Greek yoghurt and parmesan cheese are favourites in the Mediterranean. Even people with lactose intolerance can often enjoy real Greek yoghurt, as most of the lactose has been drained in preparation.


3. Limit Red Meat

Try to limit eating red meat to a couple of times a month. Also, aim to have smaller portions of meat. For example, add sliced chicken to a large salad, have strips of beef in a vegetable stir fry, or choose a 3 oz fillet as a guide for portion control.


4. Eat Fish

Have fish a couple times a week. It is recommended to eat smoked salmon for breakfast, tuna occasionally for lunch or hake, sole, cod for dinner. Fish is a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals and is also low in saturated fat.


5. Eat Vegetarian Meals Weekly

Cook vegetarian meals at least once a week. This will help limit meat consumption, while you get an extra filling of vegetables and the powerhouse of nutrition they offer.


6. Consume Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are good for your heart. While olive oil is the main fat to replace saturated fats in cooking or dressings, there are other healthy fats. These can be found in avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, fish oil, olives and eggs. While we love eggs and think they are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, you should be advised that the Irish Heart Foundation advise that people watching their cholesterol should eat no more than 7 eggs a week.


7. Switch to Wholegrains

Replacing refined grains in your diet with wholegrains can be good for your heart.


8. Eat Fruit

It is important to eat fruit regularly. You can have fruit as a dessert to reduce sugar laden cakes. Also, combine fruit with an ounce of nuts for a perfect snack. Eat apples, pear whole and raspberries often as they are full of fibre. This helps lower LDL cholesterol. You should also include berries in smoothies for an antioxidant hit.


9. Stay Hydrated

Water is the ideal drink to keep you hydrated. You can improve its flavour by introducing sliced lemons, limes, cucumber, mint, berries, or whatever you fancy. You should aim for 6 to 8 cups of water a day. Herbal teas also count towards your water intake. Try Green Tea, Lemon and Ginger, Rooibos, and Peppermint. Avoid fruit infused teas, as they are very sweet. Try to limit coffee to one cup a day.


10. Use a Nutribullet

The Nutribullet is a favourite kitchen appliance along with a food processor. The Nutribullet allows you to blend vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and more without losing any of the goodness. Unlike a juicer, every part of the fruit or vegetable stays in the drink. You can use the Nutribullet to get my greens including spinach, kale and broccoli.

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